Letter to Dad

Taste and See that the Lord is good!


18 June 2000

Dear Dad,

I love you.  And I have a high respect for you.  It’s because I love you that I want to share this with you in a letter.  Happy Father’s Day!

Dad, I remember the story you’ve told us kids often:  how as a boy, all you would eat was meat, noodles and potatoes.  And you refused things like green stuff, anything unknown to you or unusual.  But then you left home, joined the navy and found yourself in Hawaii.  One day, all your friends were having lush colorful salads, so you tried a salad.  You thought,  “Wow! This is great!  Look at what I’ve been missing all this time.”  From then on, you determined to try a whole new world of new and unusual and very tasty food, and you have done you best to train your children to do the same.

Will you investigate something that has meant so much to me all these years:  a life with Jesus Christ?  People like to share great things with those they love:  like a great meal, great music, books, art, and the like.  Though none of these can compare to a relationship with the Great God.  I don’t think I need to prove to you that God, the Creator of all things, exists, although that can be done sufficiently.  The creation is an amazing wonder, but the Creator is even beyond all of it.  I cannot begin to fathom the mind, the intelligence, that brought all of this into being.  Yet, the really amazing privilege the Christian has is a close loving relationship with this Creator —- deeper that that of a father with his child and a lover for his or her beloved. 

When I think of the vast, immeasurable greatness of this God, how can I possibly compare myself?  Psalms 8:3,4a  “When I consider Your heavens, the work of your fingers, The moon and the stars, which you have ordained; What is man that You care for him?”  I’m a tiny speck of dust by comparison.

I don’t even approve of some things I do; how can I expect this perfect God to approve?  What simply blows me away is that this God wants a close relationship with me (though He will only accept perfection) so much so that He provided a way for me to have perfection by giving His perfect son, Jesus Christ, who stands for me when I stand before God.

God gives each person the choice to love Him or not.  That is also evidence of His great love for us.  He allows us to choose to be lord of our own lives or to accept His gift and allow Him to be Lord of our lives.  Now, if a speck of dust is lord of its life, then it has a very tiny frame of reference.  But if this great amazing Creator of the universe is Lord of a life, then a whole new world is opened up.  Instead of a speck of power, intelligence and love running this life, it has immense, eternal power, intelligence and love running this life.  WHY would I choose the speck?  I choose the infinite God, and accept the gift of forgiveness for all I do, tap into His endless love and begin a whole new life.  It’s something like your epiphany in Hawaii, only so much better.

Psalm 34:8,9   “O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man that trusteth in Him!  O fear the Lord, you HIs saints;  For those that fear Him there is no want.”  Dad, will you taste?  Will you investigate this?  You can start privately by reading the Bible.  There is life in its words.  The gospel of John or any of the gospels is a good place to start. And we can talk about this more.  I love you, now, no matter how you choose.

love,  Jeri

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